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Welcome to MCP

What is MCP?

Manupatra Certified Professional (MCP) is an online test by manupatra for law researchers and subscribers to test their proficiency in using manupatra.com and its related services.

Whether you’re a practicing lawyer, law student or a law researcher who wants to assess their skills in using India’s largest online legal research service, MCP is a test tailored for your assessment.

In the process, you stand to enhance your knowledge about Manupatra content and its features, which in turn help you reduce your research time and increase your efficiency.

You also get introduced to features, you might not be aware of, and which are an intrinsic part of the Manupatra database.

MCP program helps you validate your level of knowledge and experience in online legal research using manupatra services.

Why you should take this certification?

  • Become a certified professional in manupatra online legal research.
  • Demonstrate that you have honed your skills through rigorous study and research and are confident in using manupatra.
  • You would learn to research legal issues in any jurisdiction.
  • You would learn to navigate through largest online law library, i.e. Manupatra.
  • Learn search methodologies that help in accurate and fast research.
  • Cite appropriate authorities and legal sources in legal writings.
  • Add value to your curriculum vitae and win an edge over other professionals and colleagues.
  • Become the choice of leading law firms and corporates subscribing to Manupatra who demand that trainees and law graduates are fully competent in legal research and can navigate online legal information sources with confidence.
  • This certification helps students and law researchers improve their research skills that are necessary for success in internships, summer associate positions, or for your first position as a new attorney.
  • Last but not the least, keep your legal research skill set sharp and updated.

Created by Manupatra 2015