Guidelines for MCP certification

  • There is a separate registration for this certification.
  • You will need to use the online services of Manupatra to take this test. Non Subscribers should checkout the subscription plans available on and subscribe to become eligible for the test.
  • This is a free certification test.
  • There will be a total of 25 multiple choice questions that you need to answer in 30 mins.
  • The test should be completed within 30 mins with 2 breaks allowed.
  • The test can be started and completed on different dates within total time limit of 30 mins.
  • Answer to some subjective questions requires the exact text match from You are allowed to copy and paste text from the site.
  • In case you are unable to complete or submit the test due to technical or non technical reasons, and your test time has not yet lapsed, you are allowed to come back and resume the test. However, you will not be able to change answers of your earlier questions. You may review and change answers to questions saved in the current session only.
  • In case you do not clear in first attempt, you may come back and give as many attempts until you clear the test.
  • Test questions are randomly selected from a comprehensive pool of questions and you will be presented with a different set of questions each time. The difficulty level of questions will increase or decrease based on your performance in previous questions.Questions from higher level carry more marks.
  • A candidate will be considered as certified if he passes the test with average or above score.
  • A printed as well as soft copy of the certificate will be presented to the MCP.
  • Candidates scoring exceptionally will get an “Excellent” written on their certificate.
To attempt the MCP certification you require:
  • Access to Manupatra – The questions are practical in nature and will require you to use the live subscription of Manupatra services to find the answers. It’s like an open book test for all.
  • At least some dedicated time without interruption – Many of the questions require careful reading and researching, so you should ensure that distractions are kept to a minimum.
  • Manupatra Courseware- You should review help manuals, content coverage and videos etc to make sure you are familiar with its contents and features.

The test is quite challenging and will require you to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of doing legal research on Manupatra services. So before you start, please review the courseware and try our mock test. Ideally, you should also attend a training session on If none are scheduled at your organisation or institution, please submit a training request now.